If you're here, you probably don't have time to read a long "About Me." You probably don't care, either. 

So, here are some lists.

Things I'm Good At:

Writing, time management, social media, teamwork, Adobe CC, scooping ice cream, solving problems, tie-dying, gift-giving, list-making.

Things I'm Less Good At:

Sitting still, saying no, singing, sleeping, any sports involving a ball—seriously.


Things I Like:

Words, kindness, cinnamon, ads, group travel, disability advocacy and inclusion, dogs, a positive work environment, our environment, being outside, ice cream.


Things I Don't Like:

Movies, horses, hugs, celery, not having enough time to do everything I want to do.


Fun Facts:

I have an insta-famous cat. And a nonprofit. I make chapstick and soy candles for fun. I have been "surprise" skydiving. I run a Special Olympics Gymnastics program that I've been coaching every week since I was 12. I'm allergic to pet store fish food.


Not Fun, But Still Facts:

Graduated Boston University, summa cum laude. Advertising major, Film/ Television minor, Psych concentration. Located in Salem, Massachusetts (read: Boston, MA). 


Wow, You Reached The End:

That means you probably want to see my work. Or you're my mother. If you're the latter, I'll call Grandma tomorrow. If you're the former, check out my work.